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FRIDAY (6/26/09)

Gay Exorcism Video
Come! Manifest thy vigorous and crippling glory, spit thy upright venom atop my prone and unclean skin, rend it complete to partial bone and space, but above all, Lord, keep thy charlatans away.

Michael Savage Threatens Media Matters Staff
O Savage, steal your mask away, place your microphone down low so your sheep might not listen in… Take heed. They’ve already come for you, seeking to blunt your influence, your shtick. They’ve attended your airwaves and found a loathing drone of inhumane righteousness and complete poppycock. Clearly, since you’re still yappin’, they felt it was apt for American classlessness.

Michael Jackson Dies
I suppose it’s only right, now that you’ve passed, that they speak of your life’s splendor, your skill, as if you were a potent god moon walking on the pantheon floor.

Maliki Casting U.S. Withdrawal as Victory for Iraq
No. This will never do. It won’t construct a blockbuster war movie plot, hell, it won’t manage to break even or encourage ou…

WEDNESDAY (6/24/09)

Support Health Care Reform that Addresses Needs of Women
She basks in the slender bone of sun that has embraced her disease as she lies upon the biddable afghan knitted by her only daughter.

The birds of shadow have begun to fasten themselves around her spirit, on this day the sun will commence setting much earlier than she imagined.

Ask President Obama and his admin: Include the vision of a nuclear weapons free world in Nuclear Posture Review
The sound was deafening, a howling hell blew through the skies, shattered streetlights emitting a darkness that lined the broken streets, sentries at their stations with bloodshot eyes were broken of sleep.

Congress Should Require an Exit Strategy from Afghanistan
There will come a day when the sirens will cease their racket and the hollow whistle of dried bone will be the new alarm fetching our soldiers pace within the guns blistering melody, by then, the word “exit” will be of little or no significance.

Don't Let the Insurance Industry Dictat…