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SATURDAY (6/20/09)

Call on Eric Holder to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate and prosecute Bush-era torture, etc
Seeing the old man who moved like a sloth across the parking lotStumbling a path waged in determination and loaded with angst,I began to see the future. A panorama of a rebellious reckoningWith a gnarly toothed reality of necks bent in disappointment.Our smugness, suffering tossed out like crumbs to the starving begins its vengeful quake across all the gloom we’ve scattered.

Send Harry Reid an email, asking that he not allow drilling in any global warming or climate bill that comes up in Senate
Drill down to the cry of oceans, drill down to the cry of birds, drill down, drill down, drill down! Loose the hell hounds come howling, loose the next monstrous wave, loose the next hoarfrost and eddy! Drill down, baby. Drill down.

Please cosponsor the Senator Paul Simon Water for the World Act of 2009 (S. 624)
Water. Water. Water. Water. Wate. Wat. Wa. W.

Sign petition showing your support of Con…

FRIDAY (6/19/09)

Support a Cautious Response to the Iranian Election
I am turning the lights out now a heavy summer heat hovers over the ground. Before the morning light lifts this crimson boil many will have marched in solidarity on far off streets while others watch with bewilderment, a mini shock and awe.

Tell Congress to require legislation be posted on the Internet for 72 hours before debate
This rattling the cage will not wake them they've been asleep for too long, they've not been greeted sorely. This noise will never match that which came before, hell’s throat, deafening, piercing the skies with war.

TRADE Act Introduction Imminent: Write Your Rep!
Since they’ve lost hearing from their piercing dreams, since they’ve discarded the people for the money vote, since we’re dying in a war that will never have a victor, since our words have lost their meaning… we write.

Remove the Trojan Horse from Global Warming Legislation
It moved toward the castle with death’s grace, creaking and clanking along …

WEDNESDAY (6/17/09)

Minuteman Leader Charged for Murder of Latino Father and his Nine Year Old Daughter O! The minute has come to address the rotten deeds of your foul-smelling, toothless fear! May you and your murderous brethren spend an eternity with only love in your hearts memorizing every moment of the lives you ended and the hatred you encouraged. May your hearts be full of an unsoiled love swimming inside you evermore!

Shawna Forde Has Direct Ties to Extremist National Minuteman Groups
May every waking moment be filled with Brisenia's lovely face and innocent eyes bringing her to boil in your dreams the faces of all those you've polluted! O! Damn your decaying carcasses full of the world’s abhorrence! Lop off your thoughts steeped in the shameless foam of immorality!

Minuteman Gunny Bush, Forde’s Murderous Partner
Yes! You too should see the innocent faces swimming in your soulless, wanton thoughts, while you stir and even as you sleep, never to be free again of their countenance! Witness un…

TUESDAY (6/16/09)

Eliminationist Gear at Café Press – Scott Roeder is an American Hero
The pages are alive with lifeless gods and pale blossoms painted with too much glee as if a child stroked the paper, grinning at his creation. Offerings of murky madness that scream unhinged slaughter more than glee or satire. Posed as freedom’s rant, naive, normal, nontoxic furor, a bitter thought crawls up from infection to its birth.

Neo-Nazis Working Their Way Inside the Military
Soiled hearts and souls that the air drops off- the ground has a sickness creeping forward, sowing cruel emblems and ashen ideas through the caged veins of their children, who’d rather, given the chance, reject the virus altogether.

Fox News Gives Lecture on Iran’s “Stolen Election
They want to slaughter this thing within their filth. They worship their empty voices with seditious folly and gaze content at their form in front of the mirror. Had they but the thought to look down at their hands.

Scarborough Blames Obama’s Cairo Speech for Ira…

MONDAY (6/15/09)

Netanyahu accepts limited Palestinian state
If you give up your guns and your rockets and turn your eyes away,you can live in what little space that is left for you to stand.If you accept this, your sentence, you’ll also acknowledge your fate…

Crowds join Ahmadinejad victory rally
Majority rules on Election Day with its bright lights on.Save for the house arrest of the graying reformer,Iran teeters similarly to our own uncertain and valued vote,an alleged coup d'état, intimidation, chaos, rumors,we only think, imagine that we're vastly different.

Threats, violence seen eroding U.S. abortion rights
If thou give up thy lawful rights and turn thou eyes toward our god,we will smile and praise thy goodness. If not, we shall execute thee and all of thy children, born or unborn matters not… Amen.

Gas Prices Jump Another 17 Cents a Gallon
There is no rest for the imperially wicked.Plotting what is next that will divert our attentionfrom the thing that truly matters- The Constitution.

O! Permi…