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WEDNESDAY (6/4/09)

N.H. governor signs gay marriage bill
Strolling through the violet forest,bonnets of green, sleeves of red and caps of brown shake their hips to the breeze.Born there, grow old there… die there. They've not much say in the affair.Born red. Born green. Born Brown. Living. Breathing. Crying. Laughing with the wind.

New Air France debris found, explosion unlikely
Steadfast in this expanse, uncoveredand brazen like a worrisome thing,undeniably fixed upon its hesitant horror.When did all catastrophes become suspect terror? (We need end our addiction to fanatical dread.)

GOP Rivals Hint at Runs in 2012
Wherever sorrow travels they come running,breathing hard, waiting for an opening,a moment of glee to place their gloomand echo the masters of doom-“Let me lead you there, away from where I led you before.”Don’t follow, turn away from its wagging lips.

Obama Touts Muslim Roots
O show compassion for mankind.Raise him up, bring water to her lips.Sing praises to the seeds of truth.Don’t fall back of…

WEDNESDAY (6/3/09)

Obama pays call to King Abdullah
It is as it has been this closeness with kings. It is as it should be these gestures of goodwill. It is as it shall be the backside of reason. Truth be told, we need keep them closer.

Bagram: Obama's new Guantanamo?
New, fresh and haunted? The siren song wafts over Bagram, calling for warfare without anguish. Someone needs it this way, new. Fresh. Idealized.

Cheney Defended Interrogations
O! I’ve no room for this fear monger’s bluster! I've more to do, more to add than trembling cures. We've a bright and long-lasting peace to build, assembled from the stacks of bleached bone.

'Artery' Exhibit Prompts an Art Attack in Arkansas Town
These controversies over art give me little pause. The paintings aren't flamboyant, crude or outlandish. They’re the artists thoughts, subjective, and that is all. One would think they depicted the deceit of mankind, but that particular work of art is reserved for bigots.

Bin Laden message: Obama sowing ha…

TUESDAY (6/2/09)

Killing puts abortion foes on defense
In worship he found his cause, in prayer he found his score, in murder he found his god.

Obama hopeful on Mid-East peace
How simple it must sound, this wistful, wishful flight among the fragile beams of stone and foul hatred.

Search Is On for Wreckage of Missing Air France Jet
Among protea, cycads, and pincushions and the stunning breath of petals they surely float? The jagged Drakensberg Peaks, like broken teeth shimmering edges, dark lines, not bones, but fractured meadows?

Judge: Release Gitmo Docs
We say we’d die for our beloved country, we proudly wave her colors and cry at the thought of promised freedom, say we’d descend into the grave of valor... but what of our torture?

4 Troops Killed In Bomb Strikes In Afghanistan
In the next battle, the next black mound of sand to blur our vision, will be war against the heart above our gut of reason. We will reach up and touch the fold of four stars.

U.N. human rights investigators enter Gaza
It’s such a m…

Monday (6/1/09)

Last survivor of the Titanic dies The vessel that for so long held our imagination is finally free of our living.
To its rest now. May she be a reminder of man’s arrogance, his gleeful dalliance with nature’s teeth.
This is what grows from the seeds of hate The testament of our breathing’s riddled with slaughter. Gruesome weapons made of man’s intolerance walk the world without a home- a grave nomadic betrayal. The assassination of freewill is the irony in this riddle.
After Many Stumbles, the Fall of an American Giant It is time for lights out, time to sleep, to dream. “Hush now. Everyone is weary. Hush. Drift away to your mind's eye, the olden days. You are not alone in your grief, your failing", at least there’s some throbbing comfort in that.
North Korea may launch intercontinental missile: report Not the first, not the last to frown upon man’s stage, his unending quest for power. But it’s the unknown end, the final curtain, that awaits our applause.
Pro-Lifers Fear Backlash A…