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Thursday (5/21/09)

Car bomb blast kills 41 in northwest Baghdad
The skin of the beast drips with sweat as it hovers over the sand, perplexed at the people’s will to survive, even as blood pours around them. Rain, despite a ships call for help, will continue to fill an angry sea.

Guantanamo inmate transfer blocked
Our green hope, our red fury, fear is still our emperor, sovereign of land and liberty…

Iran Announces Missile Test
Hi ho and a rat a tat tat! Listen for the war drums in that! Hi ho! And a thrum and clank, metal’s whir of a rolling tank! A rat a tat tat and hi and a ho, time for us to lock and load. Thrum thrum thrum thrum…

Feinstein: Bring Detainees to U.S.
O something cries down to us. Something boldly calls out, awaiting fear to abandon our ears.

U.S.: Airstrike deaths 'likely' accidental
Shhhh… Maybe no one will notice, when a missile falls in the desert and no one's around to hear it…

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Wednesday (5/20/09)

Democrats in Senate Block Money to Close Guantánamo
There is no spring, there's everything within- the brown skins covering the human frames remain damp with winter.

Many die in Indonesian air crash
Another and another tossed down! Roaring breath standing tall like some wayward missile screeching past.

Democrats Defending Pelosi
Arise to arise and arise there among the pack, solemn predators allegiant to their stripe and howl with no hesitation or consideration, but one. If one shall perish, they all perish.

Illinois Man Arrested in Murders of Wife, 2 Kids
There is too much of this, the orchestration of blood, like a dance that grabs us before we know we’re moving.

Murder is a dance, a slow movement of unwilling partners.

© 2008 mrp/thepoetryman