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SATURDAY (5/9/09)

Probe: Taliban used civilians as ‘human shields’
Since the mighty have blistered with fire, since so many homes have been crushed, since all that’s left to grieve is death, since so many lie hushed in their graves, since unknown journeys have yet to come, children, mothers and fathers rise up with full and shaking tongue and lash this god-awful hatred and war from the earth! Speak, shout, stand among the dead and be their song…

Pope warns of misuse of religion
“Misuse of religion”… redundant utterance, synonymous dripping out of man whose lips know both their uses only too well.

U.S. says civilians killed in west Afghan strikes
Savages made of metal flesh of which affluent men and women, a killer wage, with war as their principal business, CEOs of death’s commanding brigade.

Pelosi Aide Told of Harsh Tactics
A two headed monster beckoning the impatient to come and listen to her melody of woe, how love had forsaken her, left her lonely and without companionship, smiled as the impatient ho…