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FRIDAY (3/27/09)

Clinton Says US bears blame for Mexico's Drug War
They scurry from cathedral to slum, scuttle from high-rise to house, under fences and over walls our culpable voice calls us out.

Pope 'distorting condom science'
Because our mind and hearts are human someone desires to drive a wooden stake through them, to keep us from breathing even a fragment of truth that cuddles up now and again next to our naked flesh.

Pakistani and Afghan Taliban Unify in Face of U.S. Influx
Influx certainly means upon our arrival or invasion. It seems we’ve failed to learn from our recent lessons. Maybe we’re blind beneath our war-painted faces?

Shoddy wiring 'everywhere' on bases in Iraq
It is not only the occupied that are trapped there, the darkness folds down over the faces of the invader as the resurrection of bombs rattle their limbs and screaming gunfire hammers their sleep.

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TUESDAY (3/24/09)

Something Wicked (or good, depending on your perspective) This Way Comes O! It moves with such cruelty, such a violent gait, it seems to breathe of a bastardized conception, less human, more beast, without love or teeth.

15 AIG execs agree to return bonus Whether millions is even comprehensible to us normal Joes isn’t the astounding thing... We’ll never see such weight, yet our hands, hands of our living, sagging low of struggle, exhausted like a sea of promises at sundown tell a different story.

Suicide attack on Iraqi funeral Even the wavering spirits, the dull-hearted and brooding children are due a walk in the valley. The devotion of arid prayer brings even rainfall to grief.

Accused "sleeper agent" pleads not guilty in U.S. In the slowness of our watch, our startled and clatter filled lives echo a self-imposed blunder used to smash our prattling teeth.

Sunni Fighters Say Iraq Didn’t Keep Promises on Jobs “Work!” cried the people covered in blood. “Truth!” cried the people grown …