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TUESDAY (3/17/09)

Tancredo tells University Students "It IS About Race!" There is an immense and colorless grief in the world and so I urge no malice against this frenzied persuasion, call for no punishment, seek no apology or pain, instead, let us search for our own truths… without weeping.
Back from Iraq, soldiers look ahead Returning to the disquieted world like a nomadic ghost covered in sand, the uniforms carefully starched and pressed hold the warriors up, their eyes, stories of woe.
Mexico slaps tariffs on U.S. goods in truck feud The crows, above our fears, fly, shadows trace along the wall and money slips by.
White House Rebuffs Cheney It will not be his last rejection, but, fret not, gates will open for him again, hunched in the heaving nighttime bloodstained hands, talons.
NASA: Space Station Safe From Latest Debris O! Again! Glorious is this achievement, machines lifting mere mortals to heaven... If only man could be as magnificent.
Warning shot kills Iraqi girl, coalition says A cauti…