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THURSDAY (3/04/09)

What motivated a Florida gunman to open fire on Latino exchange students?
It’s hard to tell, but, rest assured, it was not for the same reason that fog drifts out over the bay like a creeping thought or sleep puts her lips upon the offspring of all living things.

Finally! Karl Rove and Harriet Miers agree to testify under oath before Congress. Well sort of.
Like a caged and unfed dog that builds a church in his howling, or a sleepy guardian of stars that leans her head against the universe, this oath is the only decent pledge, or truth, they’ve ever known.

Pants Saggin
It stands to reason that all we know comes from the past, but the tree covered in ice can’t grow until it shakes itself free of the load or cries out while it severs its reach, yet a bird snatches its fallen seeds and skillfully ascends into the offing sky.

What clothes should we put on when we talk about brotherhood... or war?

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