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MONDAY (11/10/08)

Scar Tissue and the F bomb
Rage’s pretty white child has lost its teddy bear, it whose lips he knew and who hugged him tenderly.

We’ve been witness to this foxtrot under the dimness of fear. Heard him cry “O! How I do love thee, my wooly god!” Heard him screech of the emptiness pounding his ears when no one thought to challenge the lopsided score.

Throngs of emotion have dreamed of him wished his razor-sharp word would pierce their skin, the frowned face caked atop their melancholy mug as the cold flesh of emptiness left its unique scar.

Now his followers madly grimace as truth tumbles down upon the soft rear of indifference… and babies cry. Rise up tender child! Bravely swim back to us through the red water and bone! Back to the asylum!

Secret Order – Attack al Qaeda in many Countries
Coming in low, over the streets, over flesh, coming to free their bandaged minds of such rumbling, terror plummets down as savior and Christ!

Obama Plans to Close Gitmo
To do now what peace should have do…