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MONDAY (11/03/08)

Iraq expects U.S. answer on pact
A pact made out of petroleum ignites over the empty streets illuminating a path of sprinkled bone.

US military chief visits Pakistan
The boots on the ground alight striking the sand beneath them. A child cries out for father in the arid, dishonest air.

Judge tells White House to release wiretapping docs
Where have they been all these days? Wandering through infinite reams of law asking one another what it means to listen? Had they but done just that years ago.

Republicans Scrambling to Save Seats in Congress
My mind asks, perplexed, “Why do men not lead beforehand?” Ask the maggots oozing under the flesh do you eat more frantically before your hungry?

Experts Question AIG Bailout
They want to dissect the beast. Feed it our flesh until it bursts, revealing what we've always known.

Iraq pledges $900K to help displaced Christians
Odd is the noise this makes, loud, yet unlike the laden clang of money doled out in our monstrous churches.