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Sunday (6/29/08)

Truck bomb kills 7 people near Baghdad
The surge is working, flew the eagle. The course is dead, soared the seven souls. O! The fetid nature of disagreement!

US escalating covert operations against Iran: report
Boom bam and a rat a tat tat listen for “war” inside of that a rat a tat boom boom bam! Cover thy ears, people of Iran... (America’s coming to free you)

Election May Tip High Court's Judicial Scales
Shroud these arbitrators in sacred vestments, cloak them in mystery, anoint with holy water and deliver this newfound land from its wickedness.

Army Study Blasts Post-Invasion Efforts in Iraq
The aftermath stumbles on unsteady legs. Neither the heart nor soul can end its drumming step. It doesn’t listen nor does it speak. It chooses not to live on the back of treason.

Obama Supporters Take His Name as Their Own
What’s in a name? Identity? Persuasion? History can inform us… if we listen. She can bring us beyond our labels "Blessing, the good” above the armor of our ancestors gli…