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MONDAY (6/02/08)

Judge orders return of sect children Yes, a thing yet spoken, not yet language, can extinguish expectation, fill one’s throat with dewdrops of dread. Best we use it, this wordless wish, before it howls. Danish Embassy Attack in Pakistan Kills at Least 6 Waiting by the curb, eyes wide in life… There it is. Statuesque. Resilient. Breathing. The rodent on the ground is no match for the eagle. Still, both parasitic animals, yet not the spirit which they've little control. After Tense DNC Meeting, What Happens Next? Damn! It certainly makes for some great television! Entertainment meant, intended to distract, deflect the truth. Holy Christ! A reality show of adulterated democracy! A game of cat and mouse leading us further from the nub. Home from Iraq a Marine is Fatally Wounded Rage, the world’s brute, isn’t merely for war and warring. Rage can climb out of its makeshift margins and land next to our startled feet and staggering eyes. (Startled feet rarely run straight and s