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FRIDAY (5/02/08)

Twisters hit central US, 7 die
Then a light flipped through the shattered beam, seven lay spent in this, natures shock and awe. And the light flipped through the shattered beam.

Wreckage could not hold back nature’s assessment standing tall, marveling of such fine work. We’re more akin to her than we’ll confess.

US jobs data eases fears
The exhausted numbers settle in from their dawdle as the money masters ready the windswept cradles. Sleep now. Sleep. For tomorrow you need rise rested, ready, full of breath, and wide-eyed to swoon the disbelieving tide.

Bush details extra $70 billion for wars in next fiscal year
This is for the heirs of angst whose limbs will feel its wealth. This is for the martyrs whose voice is marked for death. This is for us, over here, whose influence no longer matters. This is for sightlessness now gripping our blind justice and for the wordless torment that will surely follow.

Somali militants vow to avenge US airstrike
O on the eve of Wrath, the instant of death’s…

THURSDAY (5/01/08)

Memphis Principal Outs Gay Students to School, Parents
Why don’t we end this now, say goodbye to cruel excuses of piousness, holier than thou righteousness, before whatever will soon befall us befalls us? In doing so we’ll make our parting such a better thing.

'DC Madam' Confirmed Dead in Apparent Suicide
As we consider this let us also consider fate. Some might say she got what was coming, others, her line of work brought her to it, and others still, they had her killed for what she did. Death seizes unaware and has murder as its henchling. Suicide… is… measured... ...fate shrugs.

Iraq suicide bombing hits market
So will this be how she is remembered given the outlook of her late fortune, as a trembling crater of flesh? My heart sorely aches for her people, yet quakes loudly for the inventors of her misery.

Does Jeremiah Wright Speak for All Black Churches?
不. nr. non. nein. αριθ. いいえ. 아니다. Não. Нет. In other words…No.

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MONDAY (4/28/08)

Obama declines Clinton challenge
Spared such a spectacle of tit for tat the relieved electorate enjoy the silence... breathe easier...for now.

UN troops 'armed DR Congo rebels'
As for the moans of anguish, they would thereafter sidle along wailing with a gait of monstrous deformity. Man witnesses, but does nothing. (Who are the misshapen again?)

Baghdad Green Zone blasted under cover of storm
Like large carrion birds they come. These scavengers do not feed on carcasses- they feed off of them.

Female suicide bomber kills 3 in Iraq
If song were a suicide bomb it couldn’t sing, not so tightly wrapped... Only later, after the music ends and the humming dies.

Election Day may end up looking
This script’s been written for some time now. Penned while we were frenzied. Polished with planes and floods, war and torture, fear and apathy. If it becomes a bestseller we will have been its author.

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