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SATURDAY 04/12/08

"You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them," Obama, an Illinois senator, said. "And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations," he said.

Obama under Fire after Fundraiser Remarks
The car alarm wakens me from my dream. Slowly, like hot wax tracing the skin, I open my eyes to two words I cannot set free, dried before I noticed them burning- “They cling”.

Film Traces Man’s Journey to Track His Family’s Roots in Slavery
We know we come into this world naked. Too many are indifferent to history. Most of us just listen to others tell tales and don't grasp our connection.

Even the Whales Have Their Predators: Ships
O Balaena! Your lone patches caught their eye, sought even…

FRIDAY 04/11/08

GE Shocks Market with Profit Drop, Shares Tumble
The rumbled air pulls at the unyielding floor. It owns our unfilled pockets, hauls in lifetimes of anguish- the richness of shock and awe.

American air Cancels More Flights
By way of the vanishing road and rail we cross the skies as the mist of a morning river would climb a cliff ...We’ve always dreaded the sudden drop.

15-month Iraq Tours Test Soldiers and Families
March along now warrior. March along. The hue of occupation strokes these burnt homes and your occasion grows shorter, smaller, weaker, 12.

Chinese Anger and Terror Warnings Cloud Olympics
What bruised communion of hope and dread has slinked into this beautiful world? Everyone seems blind and numb, deaf and dumb, searching frantically for peace and human kindness in a contest of nations.

THURSDAY 04/10/08

China says it Foiled Terrorist Plot to Kidnap Olympians
Ginkgo trees wrap their arms `round the Middle Kingdom like a great-grandfather’s bear hug, a massive grip, a balmy embrace. They’ve seen things…then the winter…

Candidates Respond to Voters Economic Fears
Rattled by rising debts, looking for a savior, fair queen, black knight, old man of the air to whisk away despair… A modern day folk tale.

Military Strained by Suicides, Long Deployments
Have we failed along the way? Are we no more than this, an arrangement of cubicles beset on all sides by wretchedness? The grand experiment’s gone awry, the bogey men we seek have our face.

Two Camps Trying to Influence McCain on foreign Policy
When we entrench ourselves, warriors on one side, pragmatic schemers the other and naught behind or ahead, save torture and war, where will the peacemaker stand?

WEDNESDAY 04/09/08

No Plan to Cut Torch Relay as U.S. Protesters Mass
We name the stars in awe but cannot, for all we are, put finger to sky of China’s cruelty. We continue to look down, avoiding errant stones.

Bush to Press Case Against Cutting Iraq Force
If it is true that brevity is indeed the soul of wit, then lengthy, it would stand to reason, is fortitude of the occupied spirit.

Palestinians say Bush Will Meet Abbas in Egypt
Before this tiny flicker of hope, the king will help commemorate sixty years of Israel, it will not be peace erupting from this.

White House Hopefuls Woo Gore, Focus on Climate
Let us look upon this, our earth. Let us stretch our necks `round, view the quaking truth `neath the crust. Let us stand now, facing her, and weep.

Pope Aims to Heal Abuse Wounds on U.S. Trip
Pontiff, it is not with this purpose you should come. You needn’t simply wash over the long-infected lesion, cleave its oozing nub to pacify its heirs.

TUESDAY 04/08/08

Petraeus: Iraq Security Improved, but `Fragile, Reversible’
There is a method to it, a scheme that leaches, oozing ugliness from the general’s lips. It burns my anxious ears and disbelieving eyes.

I hear Gaspar Noe’s `Irreversible’, see the weight of its cruel cacophony.

Olympic Torch Arrives in the U.S.
Not a moment too soon. Come, light! Come, ember! Make your way to the crown of La libert√© √©clairant le monde, reaching out, extend thy transporters bough, with oily rag, ignite the world’s puddled iron.
Detainee Program Strains Va. Jail
The strange flowers drop their wayward petals, perching them upon the aged ground. Powerless to return to their original nourishment, unable to abscond of newfound freedom.
400 Children Removed From Sect’s Texas Ranch
The use of pale children widens the neglect of virtue. Minds beset by scurrilous trust pilfering souls as ransom for toll at the slipshod gates of anguish

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SUNDAY 04/06/08

Clashes along Olympic torch route
Joined together, torch through London, game afoot, ire captures sober flame, hurls down its host, nineteen nations to go...

Some progress in Russia-US ties
The blankets been cleaved off the pyre revealing the slip-knotted sleeping giant alarm! Shh… Sleep now...

Ben-Hur star Charlton Heston dies
John Charles Carter joins them at present- Ben-Hur, Michelangelo, Moses, and El Cid, nodding to twilight, guns steadied...

U.S. forces clash with Iraq militia
Boil burn boil burn boil burn `n bubble! Extremists unfound in this capricious mix, citizens hunched, resentment...

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THURSDAY 04/03/08

China jails outspoken activist over Tibet views
Dissident jailed for using tongue, shackled of seditious idioms, U.S. speechless...

Al-Sadr calls for million-Iraqi rally against U.S.
One million liberated flora marching to our one hundred forty thousand, more than enough blooms...

At least eight killed in Pennsylvania house fire
When the heat of raging fire’s so intense, one house will be consumed, resolute, only numbers remain...

ATA discontinues flights, files for bankruptcy
Seeing this I thought I’d been asleep, the god-awful roar of the recent past, stagnant oil rigs...

NATO backs Bush's European Missle Shield
Again with the ideas shielding pragmatism, roar of incoming freedom haters, hiss of outbound liberators...

Chinese spying on the rise, U.S. says
Shady secrets have a hard time sleeping when carried in official satchels over seas...

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MONDAY 03/31/08

McCain Faces Test in Wooing Elite Donors
Gluttony stomps upon the feet. Fury pounds upon the back. Even of the pain influence seeks tenure.

Who are We? New Dialogue on Mixed Race
Colors mingle on the thick canvas, prisms of points in time, splintered carcass...

Cleric Suspends Battle in Basra by Shiite Militia
They say it’s the thickness of blood that shapes our hearts… All this dissolving.

Tracking a Marine Lost at Home
He was looking for home when eyes returned, murdered occasion...

As Jobs Vanish and Prices Rise, Food Stamp Use Nears Record
I ask… are our souls still living? Does the clamor of riches gush of blood? Nourishment, flesh?

Olympic Torch Begins Its Journey in Beijing
Vast ancient capital, peoples republic, Olympiad to veil your tyranny, akin to our September.

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THURSDAY 03/27/08

These are the first words that my muse threw down to me after reading the headlines last night.

Parents Didn't Expect Daughter To Die During Prayer
Didn’t have to be child wrapped in such faith, stench of miracle.

Destroying Torture Tapes - Freeing themselves from serious legal trouble
A shrieking pale is and shall be the ghosts haunting the masters of this, frame by frame

Crash of U.S. economy has begun
Neither sidewalk nor gutter could tell me what’s going to happen because of this, walking my daughter home from school gas in the car.

Aid groups- Somalia too risky
Waiting for someone abandoned there, knee-deep in blood-rooted Africa. Does anyone care?

West Bank faces toxic waste crisis
And dark spot upon the skin of a darling peoples, waiting, needing to be seen, an illness far worse which came before...

McCain warns of Iraq genocide
And there he was, hunched like a sniper, crowd of microphones, a glazed, suffering face of one who knows not where they are.

North Korea told “time i…