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The Art of Peace

(A non-military treatise)
(The Art of Peace is the antithesis to Sun Tzu's Art of War)

The art of peace is
Of most vital importance
Of the State employ.
Peace is a city
Where children might dream
Upon the supple frame...
Of joy.

A theme of life and death,
A path, of happiness
Not lashed to ruin.
Hence…it’s branded
As a thesis of inquiry
To not be abandoned.

The art of peace, then, is
Governed by five invariable
Dreams taken into account
In one's pondering and reflection
Whilst seeking to create
Such an undying perfection.

These are:
(1) The Proper Truth,
(2) Creation's role,
(3) Earth’s soul,
(4) The Peacemaker,
(5) Practice and self-control.

The Pure Truth is that
The ruler is a mere mortal,
Not above the law,
In complete accord with world peace,
And values the whole.
Regardless of phantom peril
The people must be fearless.

Creation signifies night and day,
It regards cold and heat,
And times and seasons, love.
It holds The Mother as precious
While blazing a trail of pea…

Commutable Dis-ease

The people readied themselves for the celebration, burgers, hot-dogs, refreshments, and beer, but ahead of their gleeful caravan was mankind’s lies and grime that the wind dropped until the unbearable stench was hard upon them.

The grave spirits wept of the fading justice, tears tilted their red cheeks into the pungent air opening the fear-filled and stinking carriage, lowering the trappings across the doldrums.

They stood, one next to the other, smiling in quiet optimism as the odor drifted through and crawled up their expectant noses making bed in the deep ruts left by the torrent of recent wars.

The spirits had not meant to overstay their welcome.

They had not meant to disillusion.

(But the world’s people are so pliable, so tired, that even expected news rocks them back.)

Monuments of sacrifice on that day split open like melons, exposing the battered hearts gasping at the shock of dishonor standing limbless before them.

They never imagined the disease would find them so easily, y…