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Sleeping In (9/11)

Winking in our dreams, slumbering past our night's error sleeping deeply beyond the breaking hour, leasing mass murderers to slip inside our care.

Winking in our dreams, twisting complicit in cradle’s red linen, we are drowning of our slacked truth sleeping deeply inside our mourning nine eleven.

White sound weaves our breath upon our headless tyranny, slips inside our busy lives. Dawdling hope, we are drowning of our worthless and quiet dissent.

It is time to awake, cease and desist our hideous moment, let slip our blade’s humanity within its rib and awake open eyed of our most looming descent.

© 2007 by mark prime/thepoetryman

SUNFLOWER (A one woman one-act play)

An American military widow talks to her husband...

As the audience files in they see a single flower growing out of center stage underneath a soft spotlight. It is a magnificent yellow sunflower rising up to greet the afternoon sun. A soft violin solo fills the air. Houselights fade and all is dark save for the soft light. The violin swells and the light slowly fades. The music fades out as we hear a woman speaking from the dark. Lights rise on and around the flower now and we see a woman kneeling on a blanket.

Are you warm enough? I brought a blanket to sit on. I will leave it with you. I’m sure nights here are dreadfully cold. Is that okay? Can I leave the blanket for you? (Beat.) Good. Then I will. (Beat.) Yes. (Beat.) When I leave.
(Long pause.)

The children are doing fine. (Beat.) Chelsea made the honor roll. (Beat.) Wait? No. I- I probably already told you that, huh? (Beat.) That was last year. (Beat.) My mind always travels backward now. Since you were- …Since you’ve bee…