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CUT AND RUN (A one-act play)

A film director makes his final film based on lies...

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."
Henry David Thoreau


DIRECTOR'S VOICE: Okay! Okay! Cut! Damnit! Where are all the extras? This scene requires bodies! Loads of them! Bring on the friggin children! Quite on the set! Cue the bombs! Mothers start screaming! Fathers get that look of anger and hate in your eyes! Children, you just lie there! And roll camera ...and ACTION!"

Lights rise and we see what appears to be a war movie set. There are lights and cameras and debris and bombed out shells of homes and buildings; all the bells and whistles! There are many dead bodies of Iraqi children, women and men (extras) lying all over the stage in various positions. It is, quite literally, a bloodbath. Down center stage, near the edge, is a huge oversized director’s chair. It looks almost throne-like. On the back it reads “DICTATOR”… Soon we hear a walkie-talkie rin…