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SECOND LANGUAGE (A short play)

An Iraqi exploding conversation...

(A group of Iraqi men and women, old and young sit outside a café smoking and drinking coffee.)

Open the play [+/-]

ONE: I was born on the day the tanks first...

TWO: ...rolled?

ONE: Yes. Into Kuwait.

TWO: All those years ago-

THREE: Seems like yesterday.

TWO: -upon the blistering desert sands my father raised his hands in surrender.

THREE: I too raised my hands. They-

TWO: Yes.

THREE: -only thought I was surrendering…

TWO: Yes.

THREE: I was praying.

TWO: Praying.

FIVE: Praying. Yes.

FOUR: Americans and their tanks and jeeps and humvees and guns and bombs-

SIX: -were everywhere then.

FOUR: Yes. Like locust.

ONE: For a short time English was the regions second language.

SIX: Today.

ONE: Today it is.

SIX: English speaking infidel.

FIVE: We, my father and our friends, were nothing more than puppets for Saddam-

SIX: Yes.

FIVE: -and Saddam was the American puppet.

SIX: Yes.

TWO: We were so afraid they would invade our land and take our pride and lives and o…