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OF KINGS AND MEN (A short play)

Two traitors in a jail cell. You know it can't end well...

(The lights rise on stage. We see KARL lying on one of two cots in a jail cell. He glares at GEORGE who stands next to the other cot holding a newspaper.)

Open the play [+/-]

GEORGE: Did ya see the paper, Karl? I made th' front page! Not quite sure what to make o' this picture of me, though? Looks kind o’ weird. Like my head’s bigger `n my body `n I’m wearin’ curlers in my hair? Why would they put curlers in my hair, Karl? They insinuatin’ somethin’? Hell! That’s defacamation- `r defamicatin’ `r somethin’ `r other… Ain’t it, Karl? (GEORGE saunters around the cell.) Looky here? They got my whole speech to my country on page two. Wow. Who’d a thunk it? My speech. The only one I wrote and it gets published. I knew I could do it, knew I had the talent `n all, but they always told me I should let the writers do it for me. You even told me that, Karl. A lot... I guess I never thought about it. Ya know? Not `til I seen it i…