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THE EMPIRE HAS NO HEART (A one-act play) 3

Two men running away from empire into truth...

(Lights rise on a bare stage. Lightening flashes are seen slashing across the sky. Soon a distant rumble like that of an advancing line of military tanks can be heard far off in the distance behind the audience. Two men enter running from the back of the house to the stage. They stop center. As the action takes place the rumbling grows ever so louder.)

Open the play [+/-]

MAN 1: It hasn’t a heart!

MAN 2: It’s too monstrous!

MAN 1: It hasn’t a heart!

MAN 2: Its fire raining down upon us!

MAN 1: Upon the Maroun al-Ras and-

MAN 2: -Bint Jubayl-

MAN 1/MAN 2: -And Ayta al-Sha’b!

MAN 1: It hasn’t a heart!

MAN 2: The great steel birds far, far away, soaring high above-

MAN 1: -far from the fires of resistance fighters in resolute Lebanon!

MAN 2: The great vengeance pours forth over the bodies of our tender, sleeping children.

MAN 1: The blameless children.

MAN 2: They were merely seeking safety in the House of the Disabled.

MAN 1: In Qana. Yes.

MAN 2: They were …