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The rock holds the soil in and from the soil springs the tree, the green of LIFE rolling from the blue, rising to the occasion of itself. . “Be!”, the (H)eartH declares, “Be what you are!” . (We thought we were!) . (We think we are!) . “You are, but not freely, therefore, only a thought, and a thought without much thinking, as if you were scared into it.”, the (H)eartH added. . [a quietude begins, the truth being heard and heeded, grooving to the flow] ~ © 2017 Mark Richard Prime


“DOW SINKS 800 POINTS AS INVESTORS FEAR rise IN CORONAVIRUS CASES COULD HALT THE ECONOMIC RECOVERY  (A headline that could also be the full article, in a pinch.) Perhaps the stock market can show us our mistake, like a barometer that informs us on our attire for the day?  - GIVEN THE ASTEROID'S SIZE, ITS METAL CONTENT COULD BE WORTH $10,000 QUADRILLION (10, 000,000,000,000,000,00), OR ABOUT 10 TIMES THE GLOBAL ECONOMY AS OF 2019  What a mouthful! Preparing us to read and follow like sheep contented without any. [easy breezy quietude] Given our propensity to use money as a measurement of “worth” and “value”, I’m surprised we have a word for contentment, we don’t seem to have a clue as to what it truly feels like. - NEARLY 70,000 PEOPLE UNDER MANDATORY EVACUATION ORDERS AS TWO NEW WILDFIRES IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SPREAD RAPIDLY  Wildfires spread like our disinformation. The wildfires seem to move blowing with the wind of the times, like our own rabidity for battle. Only fire is a nat


1: (Why haven't we stopped killing each other by now?) , The next war will be the final war. Power may know this, thus, it wages war on the tactic of terror.  To answer the question of why we haven't stopped the cycle- violence and war beget themselves, each other, even. Therefore Peace must be ushered in by WE, the war makers and violence keepers, in order to realize that Peace also begets itself.  2: (Why are we still at war in the 21st Century?) For the same reason we were at war in the Greek times- it's the same war. Lifetimes of war, terror and genocide being repeated, same war, same wealth, same two reasons, money and humankind’s inability to resist the same thing over and over for their own growing need of convenience; a sort of mantra engaged by absolute corruption and MONEY is the ROOT and WE are the SEED. And by the look and feel of things WE have no will to do so, nor enough empathy to actually stop the Collective failure.  3: (Could it be that we've never s

HEADLINES scrape thrum drum

“ Pompeo declares American way of life 'is under attack,' hits NYT’s 'Marxist' 1619 project in fiery speech” The American way of ignorance is under attack. “Vatican to Bishops: Believe Little Kids, Investigate All Sex-Abuse Claims” Vatican, you should have always believed the little kids! Your turning a blind eye to their suffering has been well documented, so excuse me if I somehow doubt your claim. “Canada to inessential US travelers: Please stay home” Are WE all inessential travelers, unless we’re feeding, clothing and sheltering those in need? Aren't we inessential over all if we're not living, loving and laughing? Here and Now… “'Science should not stand in the way' of schools reopening, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany says” The puppet's of doublespeak, One side of the mouth says eek, The other side says all's well, In the meantime, the strings swell, They tighten our incuriousness, They bulge within to a


Do we know we are dead, when we are dead?) We act as if we don't even know we're alive when we are alive, so, no. (How is it possible to feel someone’s pain?) Empathy, sense memory, actual connection, One. (What if death is actually an amazing process that we have all been scared of?) LIFE is the amazing process we're afraid of. Fools, the whole of us. (What is easier, to hate or to love?) Hate is nothing more than an unnatural emotion, a conjured “reality”, we ourselves are the keepers of Peace and Love, so the question is rhetorical, at best. (Does pride really go before the fall?) I think pride is the fall. (Why do we desire love so much?) The need to replenish what we are. (Does everything really happen for a reason? Can you connect the dots?) We're so busy looking for connections to things, to our human contrivances, that we forget that we’re all the same dot… (Do you think that God is to blame for everything?) Blame is a human constr


Ride the wave Buck the system Dive down deep Sing it Let them have it Go all out Jump at the chance Double down Roll the dice Better late than never Get their attention Knock it out of the park Get in the groove Now bust a move ~ We actually see so little of our vast surroundings, I'm surprised that we haven't grasped precisely how tiny we are compared to the whole. We are not without significance, but we are without question, tiny. ~ This life is already Heaven, our deeds lift the suffering veil. But you said that's the way it WOULD be, instead of the way it was... Are you a thief without a kingdom to subdue? [the bell ringing echoes throughout the darkness surrounding me] © 2017 Mark Richard Prime


The bomb went off as if it were in our hand, yet fell from the sky. It wasn't until the bomb went off in the sky that we realized that it came from our own hand. We marvel at our genius without much cause, and with very little wonder, and not a mite's ass hint of humbleness…