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Tricky Word

Freedom is a tricky word, it dangles there, expectant...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Language Enhancement

Language is our form of communication and nature is our environment. Enhancing our communication among all peoples therefore will help us with our basic needs as it would enhance our humanity and improve our stewardship of the very nature to which we are beholden.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Lovely angel Love

You are my lovely angel Love
The rest is known in our breathing
You bring me breath
I bring you mine, we share them
Like the rivers share the oceans
Like the rains share the streams
You and I, we love in much the same way
Like mountains sharing the moon's beams
Like the forests sharing the trees
Like the shores sharing the seas
Our hearts are sharing the same beat
Now I'll breathe my breath in you
and you breathe your breath in me


Peace&Love ... Love&Peace, ONE with Michelle Ward Prime.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


O! One Spirit, we can feel you
In our souls we find your groove
In your sky of immense emotion
Swaying like the whole of oceans

O! One Spirit, with our Mother
Giving birth to all others
To our sisters and our brothers
We’ve begun to sense the truth

O! One Spirit, One and One
O! One Spirit

O! One Spirit, comfort the children
Tuck them safely in
Hold their hands away from war
Bring them stillness evermore

O! One Spirit, you hear our sorrow
Holding out for tomorrow
Opening eyes that truly see,
We’re crying out for your reprieve

O! One Spirit, One and One
O! One Spirit, One and One

O! One Spirit, in our lifetime
Allow us to cleanse your surface
Honor your wondrous purpose
Spirit, One and One

O! One Spirit, deep within
Lead us to the Promised Land
Point us in our Love’s direction
We’ll sense Peace in the lesson

O! One Spirit, One and One
O! One Spirit, One and One
O! One Spirit, One and One
O! One Spirit

O! One Spirit, we pray our rage
Relinquishes and fades away
That we might worship y…


Pray for the truth to be a great advent to our living,
otherwise, it'll just be material for yet another sitcom.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Rest your igniting treachery within this world.
Give respite to the heart beating upon the street.
Gaze upon the earth’s laurels for a time,
Reflect upon the beautiful light of the harvest moon,
Recall the wonder of lights swimming over the ice,
Reach for the song of nature’s awakening.

I will meet you there my friends upon the vast waters.
I will meet you upon the glorious mountains.
I will meet you upon the mighty shore.
I will meet you there, at peace in the valley of man.

We'll exchange the most magnificent of songs,
And with one another trade glimmering humanity.

Come! Let us not look upon hunger thanking God we're not,
For we are my friends, our living needn't be empty.

Give to them not a beggar’s insult
But instead thrum on the bucket and feed of them.
Nourish them as you would your offspring.
Sing them a song as you would a dear friend.
Look into the hunger and exchange goodness.
Quench their need and you'll extinguish your own,
Give them drink and you will no …


Hug a vet with Peace and Love in your Heart(H), it'll do more for them than what they've witnessed.
© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

The Drone of God

The drone of God has no flight plan,
It rattles our occupied conscience.

It’s human "science" that plummets down
a silent death for shredding flesh.

The drone whispers its low down dread,
As Peace calls forth the dying and dead.

Shriek and howl, wail and weep
Of man’s thunderous brutality…

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime