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FRIDAY (2/20/09)

Paper apologizes over Obama cartoon The shooting of slack-uttered reason, the silent image of bullet-hole bigotry for what the truth is, and its color and love and their view of racism, and adoration of animal, and to cry and to breathe and to die, they do not know, they do not care to know, but we do… and we’re ready for the task, hoping for its whirling beast to drown. Nato 'can't allow Afghan failure' The futile bay of hounds in the sand and the valley, in the mountains and the sky, do we wait for its fading so we might fall off contented? Nearly 5 million Americans drawing jobless benefits It is huge inside of this, emptiness, penniless, hapless marching alongside the people in their tattered forms. Tall and razor-edged, rainbows of wretchedness. In this dark flood it weeps to scream and work again. Killer of Va. Officer Is Executed Bellow and wail in the wood, cry and shudder in the air, the hideous eye of an eye, looks back at us. Racial Profiling Latinos

MONDAY (2/16/09)

This Week: In Memoriam To the vast red glow that strikes the solemn stones we are destined to turn our consideration. They seem more like warnings than flesh and bone. Crash plane 'dropped in seconds' Behind the story, like the panicked thump of the heart, comes the expected statistics- numbers, velocity, cause. This comes as no comfort to those who've yet to fall. Japan economy in biggest dive since 1974 The rumbling shorelines are coupled by the seas and the waters are joined in their long and joyous swill. We are slow to see ourselves in these realities. In a Likely Obama Pick, Some Find Hope for a Shift in Drug Policy “Drug”, like “war”, has such a piteous and putrid sound. Perhaps we should not fasten the two together like we do, “war on drugs”, “drug war”, too often they’re waged against an erroneous foe. Guantanamo Cases' Fate Must Be Determined As the truth’s of the air are everyone’s so are the fates awaiting their paths to follow. But the lie’s of