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TUESDAY (5/13/08)

‘No Hope’ for Children Buried in Earthquake
O the People’s Republic severely tremble, children from the caverns shriek anxiously… unheard.

Bangladesh ferry capsize kills 32
Everywhere it seems things are tipping the ground, the sky, the occupied.

McCain Differs With Bush on Climate Change
No. We are all in the same mess. Shatter the tall untidiness down and the whole lot will end.

Racism Alarms Obama Backers
"Hang that darky from a tree!"

"White people look out for white people, and black people look out for black people."

Do not fear such blind hatred or waver at such ignorance. Carry our humanity forward with your seeking and let them toddle backward.

3 dead in Japanese 'detergent suicide' pact
O sad souls! You’ve found a mix to do the deed! Horrors, this void in you, reach out and grasp hold for the news of such selfishness is growing. Don’t you see? You’re not alone in your dying.

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MONDAY (5/12/08)

Cost of veterans' care set to soar
The wounded moved along the gorge, down the path where silent vultures spanned their patient circles, anxious to arrive, their legs carried on until the sun doused its candle.

Gaza blackouts as fuel runs low
They call to each other across the gloom, the brave and long worn faces whose hope is eaten away by the shadows.

US flying cyclone aid to "outpost of tyranny"
The gods and their tempest-spilled calamity sang their rages upon the border of cruelty as mortal Achilles moved swift to dispatch Troilus.

The Pundit Analyzing Obama? Some TV Upstart Named Rove
The swine of wretched dishonor still councils his treasonous lips upon the air with cunning, a viper offering snakebite remedies.

Tenuous Cease-Fire Takes Hold in Sadr City
On the other side of the city where the last shot was fired the frail union starts to wobble and thrash. Reports of this begin to move in a circle.

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